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Is it just a moment? Or…

Is it a movement?

In the last couple of years, women have been finding their voices like never before.

Women are galvanized. Banding together.

Pink hats and marches and “Me Too”…all of those things… but, SO MUCH MORE.

Assembling together because no glass ceiling has ever been cracked by just one individual.

When we share our stories, when we mentor one another, when we amplify the voices of women, we not only free ourselves to be the very best we can be, but we free others to do the same.

What you may remember as the “Twin Cities Women’s Expo” has evolved over the last year into ROCK WHAT YOU GOT, a celebration of twin cities women in business, entertainment and community engagement.

Under new leadership, ROCK WHAT YOU GOT is changing how we present, promote and elevate each other as female individuals. ROCK WHAT YOU GOT welcomes you to share our event, the Women’s Summit, on September 13, 2019 at the beautiful and historic Earle Browne Heritage Center. During the day, network with professional business women, attend mentorship panels, and have more than a few lively discussions! Keynote speakers include Katie Horwitch of WANT: Women Against Negative Talk and Lisa Harrisof Fashion Meets Poetry. Later, get the party started for your weekend with a seriously STUNNING entertainment line-up featuring legendary talents like Tina Schlieske and Jearlyn Steele, (SERIOUSLY, if you’ve seen either of these incredible women perform, you know…but if you haven’t…you’re in for a treat!) brilliant up and coming comedian Ellie Hino, (who absolutely brought the house down at our last event, The” ROCK WHAT YOU GOT Paygap Comedy Tour”) and many more music and comedy acts guaranteed to make the start to your weekend energizing and inspiring!

Learn more and get your tickets here: rwyg.zohobackstage.com/RWYGSeptember2019

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