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Rock What You Got with Jearlyn Steele

It would be easy to think Jearlyn Steele set off on her path to success as a singer, performer, and talk show host, (just a short list of her accomplishments) early in life. After all, as a child she sang gospel with her brothers and sister. She has been a professional model, and holds both titles of Miss Ball State and Miss Black Minnesota. That group of siblings that sang together as children grew into the acclaimed singing family, The Steeles, performing all over the world and singing with some of the biggest names in music. She has a talk show on WCCO, Steele Talkn’ and is an entertainment reporter for Almanac on TPT. But to hear her tell it, all of it was a surprise.

Those surprises kept on coming to the girl from Indiana who ended up falling in love with Minnesota. She stopped singing after the death of her father, but thank goodness for us found it again and whether solo or singing with The Steeles, Jearlyn’s voice is one of the most dynamic we at RWYG have ever heard, she’s not only smart and funny, but a compassionate listener and a lot of fun to hang out with.

One of our very favorite things is how much Jearlyn has given to us at RWYG. Her support of past “women’s expos” has come from her belief that there is always opportunity for growth and something to be learned whether one is interested or not. That there is always the chance to change things and make them better. That’s what we are doing with RWYG and why we are so proud to bring Jearlyn Steele to the RWYG Live! Stage on Friday, September 13. Join us and learn for yourself, (if you don’t already know) what a magical performer Jearlyn is. Get your tickets now!

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To learn more about Jearlyn visit: https://www.jearlynsteele.com/aboutus


A word from the owner of Rock What You Got – Buffie Blesi

It’s been a surprise for me too – my deep friendship with Jearlyn! It was accidental, but absolutely joyous! I was working on a project that brought the National Association of Women Business Owners (www.nawbo-mn.org) to the Twin Cities and they were looking for an emcee. For years, I had seen Jearlyn host  the Women Venture Annual awards and I always left happy and inspired. Who better than Jearlyn to host our organization of 950 women from all over the country!

And it was working with her at the conference where I fell in love! Her heart is so big and her support of my dreams authentic. A beacon in a world that can sometimes be dark. She is the best thing that has happened in my world in the last two years.

And that voice!! My word, can she sing! She’s playful, sultry and she ROCKS WHAT SHES GOT in all the ways.

Thank you, Jearlyn, you are an inspiration to us all

Buffie Blesi