Who We Are: Meet the Woman Behind the “Rock What You Got” Curtain

Who We Are: Meet the Woman Behind the “Rock What You Got” Curtain

Behind every great idea, there’s a passionate individual. As we enter the final week of preparations for Rock What You Got, we wanted to get a little personal, to pull back the curtain behind our very own “Wizard”. Today, we want to introduce you to the woman who has the courage, heart and brains to take on this monumental event.

The lineup of unique experiences and interactive opportunities explains it all. It takes a village to put together this one-of-a-kind event, but leading that village is one innovative champion for women in Minnesota. Her name is Buffie Blesi, and her title is CIO (chief inspiration officer).

Ten years ago, Blesi left the male-dominated world of banking and finance and incorporated her own business. In the years since, she’s coached more than 175 (mostly women) business owners, opened another business, and purchased the Twin Cities Women’s Expo and rebranded it into Rock What You Got.

“Buying this event and attempting to completely change it, along with the minds of those who have strong opinions about it, has been both rewarding and frustrating,” says Blesi. “But I am truly grateful to all of the amazing and powerful women who trusted me and agreed to be a part of this crazy mission.”

That mission? To be a guide and catalyst to help every woman fulfill their dreams and potential. Whether it’s small business, a professional career, or family life,  Blesi has been and continues to be a fierce advocate for women.  That is why she is determined to revolutionize this expo— to provide women with experiences, relationships and introduce us to the community we deserve. Celebrating  ourselves and lifting each other up with the goal of transforming this event into a festival of women rocking what they’ve got without ever apologizing for it.

Perhaps you’ve felt guilty for the decisions you’ve made in life. Perhaps you’ve found yourself saying “sorry” for your success or your drive to achieve. Perhaps you’re looking for more substance and meaningful connections in life. If you are a woman,  you can likely relate to Buffie Blesi on her journey. And thanks to her vision, you can take comfort in knowing you’re not alone.

Join our unique line up of special guests on Jan. 25 and 26 at the Earle Brown Heritage Center. Tickets are on sale now!

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“…We Got All The Mad Love That They Want”

“…We Got All The Mad Love That They Want”

The holiday season is over and we’re all working to get back into the swing of a routine. It’s a new year, filled with fresh perspective and redefined goals. We should be filled with excitement and a renewed sense of purpose. Instead many of us are exhausted from the holiday gatherings, lack of vitamin D, and the constant struggle to stay relevant in a time when we must fight to show our true selves.

Acclaimed musician, Chastity Brown, knows all about the struggle to stand by her true identity in the face of adversity. Raised in Tennessee, Chastity made a drastic change when she chose Minnesota as her new home base. It’s a transition that has come with a specific set of challenges and a finite focus on self-love throughout it all. Her powerful force is exactly why our team at Rock What You Got (RWYG) presented by Twin Cities Women’s Expo selected her to headline our first concert series.

Her newest single, Mad Love was inspired by a confrontation Chastity had with a white supremacist in western Wisconsin. The songs powerful lyrics convey a message of resilient authenticity in the midst of an ever-changing societal climate.

“Wouldn’t be so hard/if I got my way/I’d get far from these crowds/though they scream and shout and hate/like they’re/like they’re angry with themselves/cause we/we got/all the mad love/that they want.”

Chastity stands by her values to choose love in the face of hate. This powerful anthem of acceptance encourages us to abandon our fear, hold tight to our light, and join her in casting positivity into the world.


It won’t come as a surprise that we jumped at the chance to bring this message of hope and love to RWYG LIVE! presented by City Pages on Friday, Jan. 25 at the Earle Brown Heritage Center. Chastity Brown will headline an incredible lineup of women performers as we celebrate our authentic selves and one another, just as we are today! Tickets to the show include a 2-Day Pass to all RWYG experiences.

Put yourself on the path to acceptance by participating in our various performances, guest speakers and interactive experiences. Join us on January 25 and 26. And check back here over the next several weeks as we invite you to Rock What You Got!

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2019: The Year of You!

2019: The Year of You!

Living in limbo. That’s how many of us feel in the days between Christmas and the New Year. We find ourselves reflecting on memorable moments while looking forward with excitement to what’s ahead. ‘Tis the season to make resolutions and we have a good one for you to consider… 2019: The Year of You!

Women are notorious for sacrificing their own wants and needs for the benefit of others. While everyone burns the midnight oil from time-to-time, women take it to the next level. More often than not, we agree to take on new responsibilities even when our plates are already full. Sometimes, we stretch ourselves so thin we compromise our personal health and well-being. This willingness to self-sacrifice is part of what makes us incredible human beings, but we shouldn’t have to pay such a high price as often as we do.

Imagine how life would change if we treated ourselves with as much care and compassion with which we treated others. Over the past several years, the idea of self-care has surged in popularity and left many of us wondering, “is this total BS?” If you’re thinking of self-care as switching off your phone and binge watching Friends instead of picking your kid up from soccer practice, that’s not what we mean. To us, at Rock What You Got (RWYG) presented by Twin Cities Women’s Expo, self-care is learning to accept and appreciate yourself as you are. Our event at the Earle Brown Heritage Center will introduce you to new products, services and ideas. The goal? To help the women of Minnesota become the best version of themselves—all while making new and unique connections with a larger community of women.

It might feel counterintuitive or selfish to care for yourself first in order to better care for everyone else, but there are several real-world examples that prove it’s true. Hop on a plane and flight attendants tell you to secure your oxygen mask before assisting others. On a cruise you’re instructed to put your own lifejacket on first. During our two-day interactive experience, our special guests will offer first-hand knowledge to make your daily life more fulfilling. Whether it’s refreshing your home, a healthy and quick dinner recipe, a fitness class or the latest wellness information, RWYG will stimulate your curiosity.

RWYG challenges women to put themselves first. So, join us on January 25th and 26th to shed the stereotype that self-care is selfish. Buy your tickets today. Then, check out this blog over the next month to learn how we will support you through this transformation in becoming the best version of yourself. And remember to Rock What You Got!

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Rock What You Got: A Rally Cry for Minnesota Women

Rock What You Got: A Rally Cry for Minnesota Women

Listen up, women. Raise your hand if: you’ve ever found yourself saying sorry for making someone else feel uncomfortable because you were expressing your true self. Raise your other hand if: you’ve been judged by how you look or what you’re wearing rather than for who you are and what you’re trying to accomplish.


Women spend their lives evolving between different roles—as daughters, wives, mothers, working professionals, and friends. Our lives are diverse and complex. And yet, many of the products, services and events targeted toward women merely scratch the surface in making our lives easier, better and happier. Rock What You Got (RWYG) presented by Twin Cities Women’s Expo encourages women to own who they are without apology and say, “We demand more.”


The interactive two-day experience at the Earle Brown Heritage Center offers performances and exhibitors that embrace women as they are. This includes introducing them to new opportunities– ideas, entertainment and products that they may not have previously considered. Our mission is this: if women can show the world that we are comfortable with ourselves, then we can stand in appreciation and solidarity with other women.


“For years, my friends and family have listened to me talk about how I wanted to inspire women to be who they want to be rather than what everyone else expects us to be,” said Twin Cities Women’s Expo Owner Buffie Blesi. “Rock What You Got is the realization of this dream and serves as a catalyst to help women and small businesses achieve their full potential.”


Each of our special guests believes in the power of this event. In fact, we’ve asked many of them to connect with the women who will be joining us in unique ways. Acclaimed musician, Chastity Brown, is bringing something new to the expo by headlining our inaugural variety show presented by City Pages called RWYG Live! on January 25. Other entertainment includes:

  • WCCO Radio host Jearlyn Steele, who will sit down with Brown for an onstage interview. Guests will then be treated to a special performance.
  • 2 Sugars Show is the sketch comedy duo composed of beloved Twin Cities performers, Shanan Custer and Carolyn Pool. Custer and Pool recently gave a TedX talk in Minneapolis and wrapped their show, “Sometimes There’s Wine” at the Park Square Theatre.


RWYG reinforces our words with actions by partnering with organizations that support our mission and encourage women-owned businesses. They include:


Many of the RWYG speakers, performers and exhibitors are also offered scholarships to participate in this experience. It’s yet another example of how we are women, supporting women-owned businesses, who will (in turn) inspire the women who attend this two-day experience.


RWYG will, no doubt, provide a nice way for you to spend the day with the women in your life. But it is also a must for women who demand more. So, buy your tickets today. Check out this blog over the next five weeks to get excited about our new offers. Then, join us on January 25 and 26 for plenty of fun and fulfillment. And remember to… Rock What You Got!


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