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We’ve all had those days.

Those days when your hair looks weird, or that twenty pounds that snuck up on you out of nowhere won’t let you button your favorite pair of jeans and now you have to wear those weird brown pants that itch.

Or, you just lost your job, or a relationship, or your back hurts and you just feel like warmed over garbage. Like the light inside you has just gone out.

Those days are tough. And sometimes we tell ourselves we deserve it.

“I wasn’t good at the job.”

“I’m too fat to be loveable.”

“I’m the worst.”

You wouldn’t let a friend talk to themselves like that, you wouldn’t let a child talk to themselves like that, you wouldn’t let anyone say such mean things about themselves…but you say it to yourself, don’t you?

I know you do. I do too. And sometimes we say those rotten things so often, we don’t even realize it anymore. It becomes part of our script. The script to a pretty terrible movie. And once we have it memorized, we might need help unlearning it.

We deserve a better script. We deserve more light. We deserve to be nicer to ourselves.

On September 13, come meet Katie Horwitch, “Self-Talk Shifter”, author and podcast host as she guides us though all of the ways we can improve our own self-talk practices at the ROCK WHAT YOU GOT: Women’s Summit Leadership Symposium. Bring your friends, your co-workers, your neighbor you don’t know that well, but she made cookies that one time and she seems cool…and learn how you can be nicer to yourself, filling yourself with light, and by doing so, be a light for others too. And cookies. Have a cookie.

Click here to learn more about Katie Horwitch and her organization WANT: Women Against Negative Talk.

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