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We believe that it is very important to curate experiences for our attendees that are new, innovative, creative, value driven and provide unique opportunities to develop long lasting relationships. To that end, we ask all interested sponsors and exhibitors to apply to participate in our events. After we review your application, you will receive an email and link to complete your registration and reserve your spot

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  • Additional Tables and Chairs($20.00/$10.00 ea.)
  • Electricity ($100.00 ea.)

Enhance your exhibitor experience.

  • Live Interview with Diana Pierce and Friends ($500.00 with Diana / $350.00 with others)
    3-5 minute live streamed interview with Diana Pierce or other host. Your logo will be shown on the screen and you will receive a copy of your video for future promotional use.
  • Personal Promotional Mini-Infomercial ($550 / $750 for the infomercial + interview with TBD)
    A professional video crew will come to your booth and record you doing a 2-3 minute presentation or the crew can interview you. Video will be edited to create narration and will be shot with products from your booth. Video will include the name of your spokesperson, the name of your organization and your website/contact info. Logo may be added for an additional fee.

The comforts of home, entertainment, travel and enjoying life is the focus of this area. Vendors will include everything from home care to food and beverage tasting and everything in between.

What you’ll find in this area:

  • Food and Drink
  • Furnishings, Home Improvement
  • Appliances, Furniture, Kitchenware
  • Garden

How do we become our best selves, inside and out? Women’s health and wellness information, as well as beauty, fitness, mental health, and fashion, can be found in this area.

What you’ll find in this area:

  • Clothing Companies / Boutiques / Jewelry / Accessories
  • Weight Loss
  • Gyms / Personal Trainers / Salons / Spas
  • Clinics and Hospitals / Health Educators

Family is the center of our lives.

What you’ll find in this area:

  • Travel
  • Pets – adoption, accessories, food
  • Children’s clothing, education, accessories, services

How do we as women engage in civic, life, community, and philanthropy? Seeking career changes and self-improvement? How will technology impact our lives now and into the future? Find your connections here.

What you’ll find in this area:

  • Financial / Insurance / Banks
  • Community Organizations / Non-Profits / Education
  • Political Organizations and Candidates
  • Business & Professional Organizations
  • Technology