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If you look at the list of top 10 highest paid comedians in 2018, you will notice that they all have one big thing in common – they’re all male. So why aren’t any female comedians making the big bucks? Do they simply have less creativity or talent? We don’t think so. If you saw our blog last week about why we named our upcoming comedy event the Pay Gap Comedy Tour, you’ll already know that we think women are missing from lists like this because they don’t have the same access to the opportunities, leadership roles, or success that could land them there.

Here’s the thing, it’s not just comedy. This story repeats itself to women across all artistic fields and beyond. According to the Strategic National Arts Alumni project, the difference in men and women’s annual income across all arts jobs is $20,000. For a long time, art created by women was seen as less valuable, and the effects of that are still felt today. Luckily, we can help re-write that story by supporting our women artists – and here are a few great reasons for doing so:

  1. Attending female performances helps lend value and importance to women-made art. It has the power to show others that this art is worthwhile.
  2. It gives female artists more access to resources that could lead to more opportunities and success in their field.
  3. When we celebrate female performers, we legitimize them and challenge the way we and others think about women in creative spaces.

We want more women to feel empowered to own their stage and express who they are. Supporting female artists is one way to help show the world the value of all things created by women, whether it’s a stand-up comedy set, a small business, or a community initiative.

Come out to support our local female comedians at the Pay Gap Comedy Tour on June 28th at the Parkway Theater. A portion of the proceeds will also go to support Breaking Free to fight sex trafficking in Minnesota, and Casa de Esperanza to help victims of domestic abuse.

See you there!

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