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I love my husband and my family, but the women in my life (pictured above) breathe energy into me in a way that only a girlfriend can.
With a quick laugh,
a heavy cry,
fun on the town,
deep introspective thoughts about life, science, politics and social injustices,
or light and airy banter about something funny, weird, uplifting or crazy that just happened to us.

I always know when I haven’t spent enough time with my girls. I feel heavy, tired, empty and lonely. It’s easy to make excuses about being too busy or too tired to go out for a ‘girls’ night,’ but the truth is, our girlfriends need us as much as we need them. Research shows that there are measurable health benefits to spending time with your girlfriends. According to a UCLA study, women have a biological need to maintain close connections. In times of stress, women experience a survival response called “tend and befriend” that compels them to protect their kids and connect with other women.

In a University of Michigan study, scientists found that women produce mood-boosting and stress-relieving hormones when they feel emotionally close to other women. Finding a group of women that will encourage you to be exactly who you are is essential to your happiness and your health. We need to prioritize spending time with our close girlfriends, especially when we feel overwhelmed or lonely. Take some time to reach out to your closest friends today. Schedule a lunch or a night out – doctor’s orders!

Buffie Blesi (she/her)
CEO//Chief Inspiration Officer

Looking for a fun way to spend time with your girlfriends?

The Rock What You Got: Women’s Summit will take place this September 13th and 14th at the Earle Brown Heritage Center (the same venue where we held our January event). This time around we have a few new ideas to make the Rock What You Got experience even better! The weekend will be full of interactive experiences, workshops, and demonstrations that span 2 days and 3 separate events. Events will include the Friday Leadership Symposium, Friday night’s Concert, and Saturday’s Expo. Tickets are sold separately for each event, but all access passes are available, and we encourage everyone to join us for the full weekend! Click here to learn more.

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