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Listen up, women. Raise your hand if: you’ve ever found yourself saying sorry for making someone else feel uncomfortable because you were expressing your true self. Raise your other hand if: you’ve been judged by how you look or what you’re wearing rather than for who you are and what you’re trying to accomplish.


Women spend their lives evolving between different roles—as daughters, wives, mothers, working professionals, and friends. Our lives are diverse and complex. And yet, many of the products, services and events targeted toward women merely scratch the surface in making our lives easier, better and happier. Rock What You Got (RWYG) presented by Twin Cities Women’s Expo encourages women to own who they are without apology and say, “We demand more.”


The interactive two-day experience at the Earle Brown Heritage Center offers performances and exhibitors that embrace women as they are. This includes introducing them to new opportunities– ideas, entertainment and products that they may not have previously considered. Our mission is this: if women can show the world that we are comfortable with ourselves, then we can stand in appreciation and solidarity with other women.


“For years, my friends and family have listened to me talk about how I wanted to inspire women to be who they want to be rather than what everyone else expects us to be,” said Twin Cities Women’s Expo Owner Buffie Blesi. “Rock What You Got is the realization of this dream and serves as a catalyst to help women and small businesses achieve their full potential.”


Each of our special guests believes in the power of this event. In fact, we’ve asked many of them to connect with the women who will be joining us in unique ways. Acclaimed musician, Chastity Brown, is bringing something new to the expo by headlining our inaugural variety show presented by City Pages called RWYG Live! on January 25. Other entertainment includes:

  • WCCO Radio host Jearlyn Steele, who will sit down with Brown for an onstage interview. Guests will then be treated to a special performance.
  • 2 Sugars Show is the sketch comedy duo composed of beloved Twin Cities performers, Shanan Custer and Carolyn Pool. Custer and Pool recently gave a TedX talk in Minneapolis and wrapped their show, “Sometimes There’s Wine” at the Park Square Theatre.


RWYG reinforces our words with actions by partnering with organizations that support our mission and encourage women-owned businesses. They include:


Many of the RWYG speakers, performers and exhibitors are also offered scholarships to participate in this experience. It’s yet another example of how we are women, supporting women-owned businesses, who will (in turn) inspire the women who attend this two-day experience.


RWYG will, no doubt, provide a nice way for you to spend the day with the women in your life. But it is also a must for women who demand more. So, buy your tickets today. Check out this blog over the next five weeks to get excited about our new offers. Then, join us on January 25 and 26 for plenty of fun and fulfillment. And remember to… Rock What You Got!


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