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Change is hard sometimes.

Especially change in societal norms, were some ideas about “the way things are” are so deeply buried, like the idea of “the haves and the have nots”.

Let’s say I have a pie. It’s delicious, and while I’m tempted to eat the whole thing, I know I won’t feel better about myself for having eaten it. I’ll probably be pretty sickly actually, and there are other people here who would LOVE some pie. I could share it! Great idea! But, wait, do I really want to give “my” pie away?

An old way of thinking would say, “That pie is mine! I’m not going to eat it, most likely it will go all mushy and weird, but I’m keeping it all because it’s mine! I worked hard for this pie!” Ok, settle down, no one is taking your pie.

But get this…it’s pie. Make another one. Chocolate Silk, Cherry, Sweet Potato. But, keeping other things all to ourselves…things like opportunity, membership, steps to success…these things are literally unlimited if we allow it. Putting a finite limit on who gets opportunity, who gets inclusion, who gets education…this is why there isn’t enough pie to go around.

Holding on to the fear of “losing” power for ourselves because others are growing holds us all back. Making space for other and making room for the success of others lifts all of us up.

Kenya McKnight of the Black Women’s Wealth Alliance knows there is more than enough success out there if we are willing to share it. Find out how at ROCK WHAT YOU GOT on September 13.

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