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The holiday season is over and we’re all working to get back into the swing of a routine. It’s a new year, filled with fresh perspective and redefined goals. We should be filled with excitement and a renewed sense of purpose. Instead many of us are exhausted from the holiday gatherings, lack of vitamin D, and the constant struggle to stay relevant in a time when we must fight to show our true selves.

Acclaimed musician, Chastity Brown, knows all about the struggle to stand by her true identity in the face of adversity. Raised in Tennessee, Chastity made a drastic change when she chose Minnesota as her new home base. It’s a transition that has come with a specific set of challenges and a finite focus on self-love throughout it all. Her powerful force is exactly why our team at Rock What You Got (RWYG) presented by Twin Cities Women’s Expo selected her to headline our first concert series.

Her newest single, Mad Love was inspired by a confrontation Chastity had with a white supremacist in western Wisconsin. The songs powerful lyrics convey a message of resilient authenticity in the midst of an ever-changing societal climate.

“Wouldn’t be so hard/if I got my way/I’d get far from these crowds/though they scream and shout and hate/like they’re/like they’re angry with themselves/cause we/we got/all the mad love/that they want.”

Chastity stands by her values to choose love in the face of hate. This powerful anthem of acceptance encourages us to abandon our fear, hold tight to our light, and join her in casting positivity into the world.


It won’t come as a surprise that we jumped at the chance to bring this message of hope and love to RWYG LIVE! presented by City Pages on Friday, Jan. 25 at the Earle Brown Heritage Center. Chastity Brown will headline an incredible lineup of women performers as we celebrate our authentic selves and one another, just as we are today! Tickets to the show include a 2-Day Pass to all RWYG experiences.

Put yourself on the path to acceptance by participating in our various performances, guest speakers and interactive experiences. Join us on January 25 and 26. And check back here over the next several weeks as we invite you to Rock What You Got!

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